School activities

Activités scolaires

Depending on the curriculum of each class, we organize activities such as tennis, golf…
They also enrich the contents of a years schooling.

 Physical Education – Kindergarten / Primary School

Cycle 1

Sport in cycle 1 has 4 main objectives that are essential to a child’s development.

  • To move in a given space and move on and over obstacles
  • To adapt one’s movement to a variety of situations
  • To communicate with others through artistic expression
  • To collaborate, cooperate and defend in order to set up game tactics.

Cycle 2 / Cycle 3

The sports programme in cycle 2 is in the common core of knowledge, skills and culture.

There are 5 main objectives:

  • To develop motor skills and learn to express oneself using the body
  • To learn and use particular methods and tools, through physical practice and sport
  • To respect and share rules, assume roles and responsibilities
  • To learn how to stay healthy through regular physical activity and exercise
  • To learn the importance of physical and artistic education.

    Art classes from CP to CM2


Primary school students participate each week in a visual arts class with a “guiding thread” theme throughout the year. This year 2019-2020, the educational project focuses on the recycling of everyday objects through works of art.


Each class discovers an artist per term by observing, commenting and appropriating various works (paintings, sculptures, assemblages …).

In the style of the artists studied, students will produce individual or collective work by exploiting various materials such as paper, plastic, wood, metal, textiles…

The art course is an opportunity for everyone to express their artistic side and creativity, to gain confidence and to flourish through the production of artwork.

Tennis from MS to CM2

Tennis in cycle 1

Several educational goals have been established by the tennis instructors: 

  • Discovering the technical material required for playing tennis (knowledge about the parts of the tennis racket using specific vocabulary and understanding the different markings on the tennis court).
  • Motor skills exercises (side-stepping, knees-up, heel to bottom, overarm throws)
  • Getting familiar with hitting a tennis ball with the racket (juggling and keeping up the ball, passing…)
  • Passing the ball over the net.Having fun is at the heart of learning in every sport: it’s fun to discover and participate in physical activity, to invest oneself and progress in a context of respect (towards the tennis instructors, friends, sports equipment, rules) and cooperation.

Tennis incycles 2 and 3


Several educational goals have been established by the tennis instructors:

  • Discovering the technical material and the tennis court
  • Motor skills exercises
  • Initiation and perfecting the technique of hitting the ball
  • Passing the ball over the net in order to enhance cooperation and being able to vary the power of your return
  • Mini matches in order to follow and respect the rules of the game
  • Discovering different effects or moves (lifting effect, forehand, backhand, volley, service …)
    Classes take place in a dynamic and relaxed atmosphere allowing everyone, whatever his level in the field, to have fun and progress by taking a liking to physical activity and sports.

    Spanish from CP to CM2

All students in Primary have one hour of Spanish lessons a week.

Lessons are organised according to age-appropriate learning activties to work on vocab, pronunciation and listening skills.

Different themes are studied to discover new vocabulary such as school, days of the week, months of the year, numbers, colours, animals, the family, food and clothes.
For the CM classes, grammar, conjugations and Spanish civilization are covered.

Both fun and artistic activities are integrated into lessons to help promote the language learning process.

Golf CM2

The goal of all introductory golf sessions is to help the student become autonomous on a Cours de golfgolf course and on a driving range.
We also aim to make students understand the rules of this activity, allowing the learner to master the specific vocabulary, to reuse it by knowing how to differentiate each part of the golf course.

Respect for the rules is, of course, essential to learning safely and in harmony during the

The educational goal is designed to integrate all the factors of the game and performance:

  • To develop autonomy and flourish in the game of golf
  • To acquire technical, physical, mental and strategic skills
  • To develop faculties of observation and analysis in different situations of games
  • To learn to focus and manage your attention and emotions
  • To acquire techniques and a beginning of “gaming routine” (information gathering, decision-making, trial swing, real shot as close as possible to the target)
    A review is conducted at the end of the term allowing the instructors to assess students’ listening and concentration skills, progress and technical skills.

    German from CM1 to CM2

The discovery of the German language in Primary constitutes a linguistic awakening for pupils.

At first, the sessions focus on general knowledge of Germany, its geographical location and global position,traditions and culture.

Then students are taught spelling, pronunciation and numbers.

The study of German is taken further by learning vocabulary and expressions of everyday life such as introducing oneself, using polite phrases and idiomatic expressions.

Reading helps students to learn new vocabulary on various themes such as animals, the human body, the family and colours.

Finally, students do fun learning activities such as games, songs and listening to German children’s fairy tales.

School outings

CassanSchool outingsThere are school outings
such as going to a concert
at the Opera House in Montpellier,
a visit to the Space Adventure Park in Toulouse,
seeing a play in English in a theatre,
visiting the salt marsh in Aigues-Mortes, the medieval city of Carcassonne,
the international mediterranean film festival, the dinosaur park in Meze…