School activities

Activités scolaires

Depending on the curriculum of each class, we organize activities such as tennis, golf…

Psychomotricity for the 2 to 4

PsychomotricityThis type of physical exercise is specially designed for two to four year olds and contributes to his/her physical sensory, emotional and intellectual development.

It’s the time for exploring, for expressing oneself, for behaving in a familiar environment at first and then little by little less habitual ones.

Meditation mindfulness at school from CP to CM2

Using a simple fun and efficient approach,pupils  learn how to face stressful daily situation, learn concentration techniques, build up self confidence, learn to calm their minds and their bodies as well as control their emotions.
Through themed workshops, the children discover how to connect with their bodies, emotions and thoughts thanks to the stories, games and guided meditation sessions adapted to each age group.

The lessons are given by a Behaviour Therapist

Golf from CE2 to 5eme

Golf from CE2 to 5eme
This sport instils patience, concentration and perseverance into the students.

The lessons are given by golf coaches.

 Tennis from 6eme to 4eme

Tennis from cep to 4eme
Playing tennis means respecting your opponent, respecting yourself and those who ensure that the rules are applied.

 External actors

External actors
We invite speakers to the school, artists, lecturers, storytellers etc…

They also enrich the contents of a years schooling.

School outings

CassanSchool outingsThere are school outings such as going to a concert at the Opera House in Montpellier, a visit to the Space Adventure Park in Toulouse, museums, seeing a play in English in a theatre, visiting the salt marsh in Aigues-Mortes, the medieval city of Carcassonne, the international mediterranean film festival, the dinosaur park in Meze…