Welcome to the International Bilingual School !

Bienvenue à l’Ecole Privée Bilingue Internationale !


Dear parents,

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world
said Nelson Mandela.
The school has used this as its motto to develop and expand
in order to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

30 years of rigorous demand and ambition.
30 years with a variety of teaching approaches
30 years of service to our students.
30 years of bilingual education.
30 years of open-mindedness to the world.
30 years of progress and research in education.
30 years of adaptation.
30 years of educational projects.
30 years of travelling.
30 years with French pupils, but also British, American, Russian, German, Chinese, Dutch, African, Italian, Spanish…
30 years of laughs, joy, doubt, discovery, progress, friendship, emotion and learning that our pupils have shared together.

These 30 years have allowed us to learn and grow.
These 30 years have allowed us to step back and analyse the situation.

            If there is one philosophy to retain about EPBI, it’s the one about open-mindedness to the world and international awareness. With various nationalities already present at our school but also an international curriculum that promotes bilingualism, “multicultural” is the adjective at the heart of our school in Baillargues.

            EPBI welcomes pupils from the age of 2 to 18. It offers a bilingual education through to the end of the 3ème and then offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme to the sixth form pupils. The school is also an official Cambridge exam preparation centre for pupils aged 7-18 years. EPBI welcomes all pupils from all backgrounds to give them an adapted education for the students’ needs, without neglecting excellence and ambition that can be highlighted by our excellent exam results in previous years.

            This year our students excelled once again in all the national exams.We have had 100% success once again in the Brevet and Baccalaureate this year with the majority of our pupils getting a special merit or distinction. I would like to congratulate our pupils on all their hard work which reflects the high standards of this school.
I would also like to congratulate our teachers for their implication and passion for teaching, their ability to transfer knowledge and prepare your children for exams efficiently. Our pupils desire to learn has become contagious creating pupils who are accomplished, happy and motivated.
This is present everywhere in the corridors of our school.

Next year, I will have the honour of presenting our first set of students for the IB Diploma Programme.

            With a particularly enthusiastic and recently trained teaching team (through rigorous IB workshops) two separate 1st year IB classes were set up this year, one in French and the other in English. This project was presented to you in my letter last year.

International BaccalaureateThe IB Diploma is very sought after by the most prestigious universities in France and the world.

Our students have already validated part of their continuous assessment work which is marked internally by our teachers.
This particular philosophy and atmosphere that has stemmed from the IB students and staff has transcended the whole school.
Students are placed at the centre of their learning and knowledge acquisition; they have matured in their relationship with the school and have got involved in highly ambitious projects.
I have noticed this maturity and hunger for knowledge that has prevailed at our school this year, driven by our IB students. Being witness to such to this desire for knowledge has helped me to come up with another new project for the school, for you, for our pupils and parents: it is the secondary school IB programme or Middle Years Programme (MYP).

            Life is not only a question of knowledge and learning at school, it is also having the opportunity and the ability to develop a project and discover the world. This is something that is illustrated by EPBI through its diverse initiatives. Thanks to the investment made by our teaching staff and also by our students, we were able to: organise a cross country fun run uniting all the children at our school, including teachers, students and families: participate in the Montpellier-Reine run for research in breast cancer: work with a charity to provide toys and books for orphans in Madagascar.

            As we have been doing for 30 years, we have also helped our pupils discover new horizons: Ireland, The Basque Country and the classe verte.

            EPBI is not only a school. It’s a place conveying values and helping pupils to become responsible citizens of the world.

       E           for Excellence
       P           for Progress
       B           for Balance
        I           for Integrity

At the dawn of our 30th school year, the teaching team and I would like to wish all new parents and pupils a very warm welcome, a welcome back to our regular parents and pupils and wish you a 30th school year that fulfils all our hopes and expectations.