Le Cahier de Liaison Electronique
de l’Ecole privée Bilingue Internationale

CLEEBI has replaced the traditional correspondence note book for a long time now.

However, it is only for general information, any personal messages or information will be dealt with by email via the secure website NOTEEBI (access to this site is made with individual user names and passwords.)

Thanks to RSS feed and push notifications, each parent is kept up to date on what is happening at the schoolin real time.

You can find:

  • Different one off messages: dates of the next school outing, the new time-table for end of term tests, the canteen menu for the following week, etc…
  • Information which remains valid for the whole of the school year: the names of the school teachers, class organisation, lists of school books and material, practical information, a calendar of school events, etc…

CLEEBI also allows you to be informed immediately of unusual circumstances that will affect the school’s opening times.

New instructions will be given to parents allowing you the time to get organised.