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The Private International Bilingual School of Baillargues

international school of baillargues

Located in Baillargues, a small village 10 minutes away from Montpellier, off the A9 motorway, the Private International Bilingual School is run in the setting of a XVII century château surrounded by open grounds spanning 120 hectares on the Massane golf course.

This little town of 7000 inhabitants just 10 minutes away from Montpellier, the capital of the Languedoc. See Access…

Montpellier, France’s 7th city, has grown a lot in size in recent years.

With  some major research centres like INRA,CIRAD, AGROPOLIS, CNRS, CGIAR, and some multinational, the town has become a dynamic place with a strong presence of managerial staff, researchers, diverse middle level professions and traders.

In order to accommodate the educational needs of the children of this new multinational population, the EPBI has regularly increased its capacity to welcome new students.
Projects to expand are ongoing and new classrooms are being built.

The School

Created in 1988 , The Private International Bilingual School (EPBI – Ecole Privée Bilingue Internationale) caters for pupils at the Kinder, Primary and Secondary levels in accordance with the National Education Curriculum.

It offers a bilingual education through to the end of the 3ème and then offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme to the sixth form pupils.
The school is also an official Cambridge exam preparation centre for pupils aged 7-18 years.

EPBI welcomes all pupils from all backgrounds to give them an adapted education for the students’ needs, without neglecting excellence and ambition that can be highlighted by our excellent exam results in previous years.

outdoor art class

The active pedagogy and the implemented ways of teaching allow every pupil to develop their sense of creativity early and this also enables the students to become independent thinkers and future responsible citizens of the world.
This international awareness is increased by the wide opening the school has on the world.

The EPBI welcomes students from many different backgrounds:

– There are French students whose parents want their children to have a bilingual education.
– There are French students who have returned from a stay abroad (a long or a short one)
– There are students from many different nationalities, British, American, Australian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese …
– There are students who have completed a part of their schooling in a European School, a French Lycée or an International School.

International class

The Private International Bilingual School is not only a school.
It’s a place conveying values and helping pupils to become responsible citizens of the world.

xcellence,  Progress,  Balance, Integrity.