The School Philosophy

 EPBI is a demanding and ambitious school offering the road to success to each pupil.
Pupils are at the heart of our teaching philosophy.

We are extremely attached to our bilingualism, and even multilingualism here which supports the opportunity of a world education.

The School PhilosophyTeaching based on academic skills which develops cognitive skills is paramount. However, these skills alone are not sufficient for an international education. Therefore, affective and meta-cognitive skills are actively developed in order to favour creative thinking and a critical mind.
Academic skills, as well as thinking, communication, social and research skills are extremely important too.

Teaching is based on the understanding of concepts, boosted by research and group work in both local and world contexts.

Our values :

  • Creative and critical thinking,
  • Rigour and personal fullfilment,
  • Respect and tolerance.

The objectives of the school

  • We wish to encourage the development of each student’s personality and potential by helping them to think in a creative manner, to argue in a critical way and be open minded in their learning and their approach towards all different cultures.
  • We want the students to reach an excellent level in at least two languages (French and English) so that they can build inter-cultural relationships with others from diverse nationalities.
  • We aim to transmit a high level of knowledge, understanding and skills to the students which will enable them to study anywhere in the world.
  • We would like all our students to develop their sense of self-respect and respect of others which will allow them to become wise and responsible citizens of the world.

Strong points

  • Becoming bilingual in both French and The School PhilosophyEnglish: learning, oral communicationand written work in both languages.
  • A unique education structure.
  • Small classes.
  • An international environment:
    • We welcome foreign students who do not speak french in Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary: the size of the teaching body and the size of the school allow the teachers to follow students right through school and to join in and mix with other students.
    • We welcome french speakers, bilingual and non-bilingual students in Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary school.

      International students represent between  20% of our pupils, added to these students, there are also french speakers who have returned to France after having lived and studied abroad.
  • School trips abroad.
  • The spacious and safe environment of the school.
  • The beautiful green surrounds of the Montpellier Massane Golf Club.

    All these particular advantages are real assets for these students who join the EPBI.
    All these particular advantages are real assets for these students who join the EPBI.