Primary school

The bilingual primary school is under a contract with the gouvernment for CM1 & CM2, and controlled by the National Ministry of Education.

Admission conditions

In order to be admitted into primary school, an The primary school: conditional admissionsappointment with the child and family must be set up with the Head of Studies.

School reports from previous years of Primary will be required.

The educational organization

The students will have their classes divided into two, half in English
and half in French.

The primary school: the educational organizationFrench and Maths will be taught in French.
Subjects such as History, Geography, Biology, English Grammar & Literature will be taught in English.
The teachers are anglophones or francophones, depending on the respective subjects.
Introductory Spanish is started in the first year of Primary.
Introductory German is started in CM1.

Sports are taught by the Sports teacher.
According to the class, golf and tennis are practised each week.

–>The french students from CE1 to CM2 who are not bilingual will have the benefit of the obligatory supplementary lessons given in English or French for their first year.

Each student progress and development will be followed throughout his/her scolarity.