Primary school

The educational organization

Pupils receive a completely bilingual (French-English) education.

The primary school: the educational organizationFrench and Maths are taught in French.

English and Discovery Topics (History,
Geography and Science)

are taught in

EMC (Moral and Civic Education) is taught  
both in English and in French.

There may also be mixed year group classes for educational purposes or due to pupil numbers.

The teaching team is made up of native English-speaking and native French-speaking teachers.

  • From CP onwards, children learn beginners’ Spanish.
  • From CM2, initiation in Chinese

    According to the different classes and age groups, other activities such as Art, Quidditch, P.E., Self-expression and Golf are set up during the whole school year.

From CE1 to CM2, children who have no or very little English will benefit from compulsory booster English classes.

From CE1 to CM2, children who have no or very little French will benefit from
compulsory booster French classes. 


Each pupil benefits from an individualised accompaniment
during all their schooling at EPBI.