Academica Dual Diploma

EPBI & Academica Dual DiplomaTM

EPBI continues its evolution and training perspective by offering, in partnership with Academica Dual Diploma TM, a double diploma:

  • French Baccalaureate & High School Diploma
  • IB International Baccalaureate & High School Diploma.

This collaboration between the EPBI International Baccalaureate Diploma and the Academica Dual Diploma TM High school diploma is a first worldwide.

Acadamica International Studies AIS:

AIS is one of the only institutions recognised as an online Public Education Service Provider in the United States. It is the leading charter school institution in the United States with 200 schools in 14 states including Florida, Texas and California. AIS is accredited by AdvancED SACS, Blue Ribbon Schools and approved by the French, Spanish, Italian and AEFE governments.

How to get the High-School Diploma?

Graduation Requirements: In order to obtain the AIS High School diploma, the following course requirements must be completed:

Subject Area Course Requirements

24 Credits

Literature 4 credits, with major concentration in composition, reading for information, and literature
English 4 credits
Mathematics 4 credits, one of which must be Algebra 1 or equivalent and one of which must be Geometry or its equivalent
Sciences 3 credits, two of which must have a laboratory component and one of which must be Biology 1 or equivalent course or series of courses
Social Studies 1 credit of World History, 1 credit of US History

½ credit of US Government and ½ credit of Economics

Arts 1 credit of fine or performing arts, speech and debate, or practical arts


1 credit in physical education to include integration of health
Electives 4 credits

18 credits are obtained through the French National or IB Report Cards.
6 Credits are obtained online with AIS:

  • 2 credits in English
  • 1 credit of US History
  • 1/2 credit of US Government and ½ credit of Economics
  • 2 credits in Elective

Electives: Criminology, Digital Photography, Concepts of Engineering & Technology, Life Management skills, Psychology, Public Speaking and Journalism and College Entrance Exam Prep (SAT)

Programme in 4 Years: 3ième/ MYP4 to Terminale/DP2

  • Year 1: English
  • Year 2: English & Elective
  • Year 3: US History & Elective
  • Year 4: US Government/Economics

Programme in 3 years: 2nd/ MYP5 to Terminal/DP2

  • Year 1: Anglais & Elective
  • Year 2: Anglais & US History
  • Year 3: US Government/Economics & Elective

Programme in 2 years: Première/DP1 to Terminale/DP2 

  • Year 1: English & US History & Elective
  • Year 2: English & Elective & US Government/Economics

How does the student work?

  • Students study the selected subjects at their own pace and independently, on their laptop during the time schedule provided by the school and at home (just like an extracurricular activity).
  • Academica provides students with all the educational documents and tools they need on a platform where they can consult their lessons, work and complete their assignments.


Classes Curricula Prices/ year
1ere / DP1 in 2 years 2000 € / year
2nde / MYP5 in 3 years 1420 € / year
3eme / MYP4 in 4 years 1220 € / year