Educational organization

Study programme

  • Educational organizationThe diploma programme is made up of six subject groups and a DP common core. The teaching language is English .Bilingual learners can study one of their subjects in group 3 or 4 in a different language to that in group 1.The study programme is made up of six subject groups and the common core.

    The Common Core, which is made up of three parts, aims to broaden the learner’s educational experience and to encourage them to apply this knowledge and skill later.

    • Theory of Knowledge (TOK), which helps students to think about the nature of knowledge and to examine how we know what we claim to know.
    • The Dissertation, allows learners to carry out personal and independent research ending in a written dissertation of 4000 words.
    • The Creativity, Action, Service Programme, which allows learners to accomplish a project made up of these three concepts.

    Thanks to this common core of the diploma programme, learners think about the nature of knowledge, carry out independent research and project work which often involve some sort of community service.

     The Six Subject Groups

    • Group 1 : Studies in Language and Literature
    • Group 2 : Language Acquisition
    • Group 3 : Individuals et Societies
    • Group 4 : Sciences
    • Group 5 : Mathematics
    • Group 6 : Arts