To be bilingual

Although there are several forms of bilinguism, in a general way one could say that being bilingual is knowing how to use two languages on a daily basis (speaking, understanding, writing and reading) in a balanced way.


The advantages

A bilingual education stimulates the development of a lively intellectual mind and helps in acquiring further foreign languages.

The choice of a language

A wonderfully useful language, spoken throughout the world, English as a second language has logically been chosen in the International Bilingual School’s programme.

The role of the International Bilingual SchoolBilingual

The school allows the youngest of our students to become bilingual and maintains that of those already bilingual.
The school also enables students from other countries who do not speak french to integrate into the schooling system.

French speaking students who are not bilingual and join the school in the middle of a cycle also benefit from this specific environment which encourages and stimulates the students to learn foreign languages.