Educational trips

Educational trip
School trips and trips abroad
are an important part
of the school’s philosophy.

Discovery trips

Every year children from Moyenne Section, Grande Section in Kindergarten and from CP take a trip for 4/5 days with their teachers.

This discovery trip is a privileged moment for pupils and teachers who create a very special set of memories together.

Relationships change as the children see their friends and teachers outside the classroom.

This trip helps to discover the unknown and to do different activities such as visiting a
farm, gardening, astronomy pony-riding, making bread or jam, discovering flowers and nature in the region and growing a herb garden…

This short trip gives hands-on experience and is a springboard for learning acquisition.   

New projects begin after the short discovery trip.

Study trips abroad

Since the beginning, EPBI has always organised an 8-10 day school trip abroad.Educational trip

It’s an optional school trip for children in classes from CE1 to 3ème or MYP4 which is closely linked to an education theme at the school.

The pupils and teaching team discover different
English-speaking countries together such
as the USA, Canada,

…but also closer to home, Malta, England, Scotland or Ireland.