Educational trips

Educational tripEducational tripEach year, the pupils from Moyenne Section & Grande Section in Kindergarten and Cours Préparatoire who wish to participate, can go on a five day discovery trip with their teachers.
A three day field trip is alsoorganized for the pupils in CE1.

Mini – school trips

Educational trip
Outings and cultural trips are also fully integrated into our project: Cité de l’Espace (Space City in Toulouse), Palais de la Découverte and Cité des Sciences ( Discovery Palace and Science City in Paris, concerts, theatre, cinema (Montpellier), Micropolis (Aveyron), Aquarium (Cap d’Agde)…


Discovery trips

This educational trip is a privileged moment in the school year.
Educational trip

  • During the outing, a real relationship is built
    up between the children and the adults,
    the hierarchy changes and a new set of moral values is installed.
  • This trip is based on new experiences and an unknown living environment, on discoveries and doing new activities such as being on a farm,in a garden, learning about astronomy, working with ponies, learning about nature and participating in workshops such as bread-making, jam-making, learning about the flora and the fauna in the area, learning how to make a herbarium.
  • These outings give a sense to what learning is about and act as springboard for acquiring new skills.These educational field trips are the successful conclusion to an educational project, but it also marks the start of new initiatives.

    Educational trip

    School trips abroad

    Since the school opened, the Private International Bilingual School has organized a two-week trip abroad.

    This is an optional trip, set up for students in the classes CE2 To Terminale.

    It is planned very carefully within the educational framework of the school.

    Educational trip
    The pupils, supervised by members of the teaching staff, discover different cultures whilst visiting the different english speaking destinations such as the USA, Canada, but also nearer countries such as Malta or Ireland.