The International Bilingual School welcomes French, English and International pupils who wish to thrive in their general education and enable them to open the doors of universities both in France and abroad.

In order to join the IB Diploma programme, the pupils must be highly motivated and have thorough knowledge and learning skills so they will be able to provide well-structured and intense personal work required of them.

With these diversities of culture in mind, the will to develop and to build sincere, thorough and respectful relationships with each other, despite all these differences, is an essential quality and necessary in order to integrate the course.

admissionEvery pupil will have to fulfill the following requirements to enroll

  • Fill out an admission request with specific documents.
  • Write and hand in an application letter expressing personal motivation.
  • Participate in an individual interview with the School Board.

The interview is based on the pupils ’motivation, their personal capacities, and their previous school records/results.

A language placement will be given to each candidate in order to define the foreign languages that will be studied in the groups 1 and 2 (Language A and Language B).