The concept of evaluation and assessment encompasses several areas.

Assessment concerns several elements. It depends on learning, teaching and the programme.
As far as learning is concerned, assessment determines learning and its quality.

For teaching, it’s about the quality of the teaching given to the learner,the assessment is linked to the development and realization of the programme.

This will allow the adoption of the best strategies or practices in order to achieve the set objectives. It is necessary to be aware of coherence between the objectives and the final results, to tackle objectives according to each class and each learner, and to identify the required skills of the students.

Assessment is an integral part of the educational process. 

Assessment Criteria

Assessment criteria are used in the IB system.
The criteria measure the objective the degree of proximity of the work produced in relation to a benchmark or norm.
The objectives are clearly identified and specified for each type of assessment.

The student’s performance is assessed in relation to the fixed objective. The criteria will indicate whether or not a student has obtained the objective and to what degree.