Admission conditionsKindergarten

Each child with his/her family comes for a pre-arranged appointment at the school.
Children can join a class once they have turned 2.

The educational organization

There are 3 levels in kindergarten: TPS/Petite Section for 2 and 3 year olds, Moyenne Section for 4 year olds and Grande Section for 5 year olds.Generally speaking, pupils join the class best suited to their stage of development.
Classe de maternelleIn kindergarten, we offer an early start to learning both French and English in equal portions, and all the classes are held in total immersion conditions. This is remarkably beneficial for the students not only linguistically but also cognitively.
This early learning is based principally on expression, focusing mainly on listening and oral activities.

Our students evolve in an environment which stimulates them through interaction, by playing with other students and through games. The children develop their autonomy, their self-confidence, their self-respect and respect for others.
We encourage curiosity and the taking of initiative.
The educational team is composed of both native English and French speaking teachers.Each teacher is accompanied by a kindergarten assistant at all times.

During this period when verbal communication is favoured, the kindergarten classes have the most simple yet effective methods of learning.

Petite Section: the children will be totally immersed in English. The kindergarten teacher, a native English speaker, will help them develop their creative capacities for learning. In the classroom, at break time, in the canteen, they will talk, listen and sing in English.


Moyenne Section and Grande Section:the students are in immersion on alternate days.

  • They study early learning subjects in English with a native speaking teacher.
  • They study French for Mathematics and French with a native speaking teacher.

According to their ages, activities such as psychomotricity and baby tennis are practised each week.