The educational organization

There are four year groups in Kindergarten: TPS for the 2 year olds, Petite Section for the 3 year olds, Moyenne Section for 4 year olds, Grande Section for 5 year olds. Generally speaking, Kindergarten children integrate the class which is most appropriate to the child’s stage of development.

There may also be mixed year group classes for educational purposes or due to pupil numbers.

In Kindergarten,  and English languages are taught very early on offering optimal learning conditions of immersed language learning giving remarkable benefits both linguistically and cognitively.

Classe de maternelleEarly language learning develops both listening and speaking skill sets.

Pupils develop in a stimulating environment through interactions with other children
and through play. They develop their autonomy, self-confidence and respect for themselves
and others.

The teaching team is made up of native English and French speaking teachers. Each teacher is permanently assisted by a nursery assistant. During this period, which is favorable for verbal communication, Kindergarten classes apply the simplest but most effective teaching methods.

We encourage curiosity and initiative.

TPS & Petite Section:
The children will be totally immersed in English. The kindergarten teacher, a native English speaker, will help them develop their creative capacities for learning. In the classroom, at break time, in the canteen, they will talk, listen and sing in English.


Moyenne Section and Grande Section:

The students are in immersion on alternate days.

  • They study early learning subjects in English with a native speaking teacher.
  • They study French for Mathematics and French with a native speaking teacher.


According to their ages, activities are practised each week.