Linguistic Policies

Linguistic Policies at the International Bilingual School for the IB Diploma Programme.

The learning of several languages automatically leads towards the development of intercultural awareness and an international mindset.The linguistic policies elaborated within the framework of the IB Diploma Programme are a natural continuation of the philosophy regarding the language education established at the International Bilingual School (EPBI) from the first year of nursery school up to sixth form.

The linguistic policy of the Diploma programme is the outcome of the (French/English) bilingualism developed at EBI, not just language level, but also language studies and literature as well as being the languages of education in the non-linguistic disciplines (NLD).

The linguistic policy is established according to the initial linguistic learner profile of each pupil:

  • A native French speaker
  • A native English speaker
  • A native French speaker who is bilingual in English
  • A native English speaker who is bilingual in French
  • Other nationalities